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First Name Dictionary

Huxxum Characters Roman Characters Phonetics Gender Origin Direct Translation Meaning
aeoa Aeoa Female Unknown Sky Of Of the Sky
aeolani Aeolani Female Unknown Wild Sky Very Optimistic
aeolia Aeolia Female Unknown Sky Water Drop Dropped from the sky
awa Awa Female Unknown Aura Auraful
ciau Ciau Female Unknown Autumn Autumn
fiballe Fiballe Female Unknown Future Balance Protects the Balance
kanai Kanai Female Unknown Cute Important Easy to adore
luixsia Luixsia Female Unknown Light Kiss Bright/Holy Kiss/Love
nuxsia Nuxia Female Unknown Serene Sex Sensual
siawa Siawa Female Unknown Pink Pink
terei Terei Female Unknown False Beauty Lying/Hidden Beauty
teRir Tereir Female Unknown False Beauty Illusion
Vdinai Vadinai Female Unknown Beautiful Female Seductive/Sexy
VRrai Varerai Female Unknown Cute Mother Motherly
VRU Vareru Female Unknown Sister Here Keep Sisters Together
vuaeo Vuaeo Female Unknown Holy Sky Divine one
yau Yau Female Unknown Spring Spring
aeolai Aeolai Neutral Unknown Sky Water Drop Dropped from the sky
aeomasi Aeomasi Neutral Unknown Sky Trick Inventive
auvixe Auvixe Neutral Unknown Tommorow Today Timeless
jin Jin Neutral Tux Venorii Unkown Uncommon name until the tux Jin, the name then became used in appreciation for Jin.
kanaeo Kanaeo Neutral Unknown Important Sky Noble one
lawa Lawa Neutral Unknown Blue Blue
mauo Mauo Neutral Unknown Pre-Spring Pre-Spring
rauai Rauai Neutral Unknown Late Summer Late Summer
ViduVr Vaiduvar Neutral Unknown Rightous bottom Others are below
ViDVr Vaidunvar Neutral Unknown Rightous body Rightous
vucir Vucir Neutral Unknown Holy How How holy/Holy one
aeolam Aeolam Male Unknown Sky Drain Opportunist
aeolano Aeolano Male Unknown Wild Sky Very Optimistic
aeolayd Aeolayd Male Unknown Sky Force Strong
Bu Bhou Male Unknown Winter Winter
eganor Eganor Male Unknown Orange Orange
erau Erau Male Unknown Summer Summer
hiU Hifu Male Unknown Happy Past Always have a happy past.
jax Jax Male Unknown Shield Thing Tank
jeohi Jeohi Male Unknown We Happy Person of happiness/Makes others feel happy.
jerki Jerki Male Unknown Run In Rushes through life.
joV Jova Male Unknown Him Of Basic boy's name
karijeo Karijeo Male Unknown Walk We Has good friends/Walks with friends
karik Karik Male Unknown Walk Okay Have a good okay life.
korio Korio Male Unknown Unknown Unknown
masiaoir Masiaoir Male Unknown Trick Bullet Shooting through Life
moru Moru Male Unknown Be Here Always there for others
rharji Rharji Male Unknown Unknown Unknown
tamower Tamower Male Raium Pain Intelligence Smart at battle and Strategy
tanu Tanu Male Raium Incorrect No Never wrong/intelligent
tuVlai Tuvalai Male Unknown Beautiful Justice Kind, just person
ujsher Ujsher Male Unknown Unknown Unknown
werxu Werxu Male Unknown Alot Intelligence Very Intelligent person
vuaeo Vuaeo Male Unknown Holy Sky Divine one
xaruix Xaruix Male Unknown War Monger Warrior
xaruvu Xaruvu Male Unknown War Holy Holy Fighter
xeVi Xevai Male Unknown Now alive Powerful/Energy Full/Always alive.
xuX Xurix Male Unknown Knight Noble/Powerful

Last Name Dictionary

Huxxum Characters Roman Characters Phonetics Origin Direct Translation Meaning
aeoa Aeoa Unknown Sky Of Of the Sky
airohixia Airohixia Aeorien More Serenity
aoialrosi Aoialrosi Aeorien Fly Hope Good, hopeful future
claioaeom Claioaeom Unknown Clear Heaven Lead people clearly from the heavens.
fawaI Fawafi Unknown Red Future Strong, Passionate Future
feim Feim Unknown Flame Passionate, Strong
juluhi Juluhi Unknown Empty Friend Family which values friends.
karijay Karijay Unknown Walk Rush Fast(In speed, body, soul and mind)
lair Lair Unknown Water Drop Unknown Unknown
loloen Loloen Unknown Write Story Family renown for story writing and telling.
luxiroa Luxiroa Unknown Rich Material Respected Craftsmen
rienRecin Rienruecin Daemon Tunnels Far Reach Explorers / Will reach far.
sita Sita Unknown Different Bad Outcasts
uballe Uballe Unknown Positive Balance Balance Bringers
VxD Vaxdun Unknown Shield Defender/Protector
xulai Xulai Haeofi Many Water Drop Water/Many Water Drops