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Items will be divided into the following categories based upon use and application.


 Weapons are instruments of destruction, wether they are used to butcher innocents or defend the wielder's loved ones, weapons are made o kill, maim and destroy. To simplyfy things weapons are usually divided into categories, for Torem we will be using the following categories:

Blades Cut, chop and cleave. Swords and other sharp or staby implements.

Cudgels If it's used to brutalise in a crushing fashion, it's a cudgel. Axes fall into this category because they are wielded more like clubs unlike other sharp weaons.

Unarmed Kicking savagely or going for a fair game of fisticuffs. Unarmed combat is the way of the ones who like it upp close and personal.

Firearms The sofisticated rifles and guns, weapons of the modern person. Includes energy based weaponry such as beam rifles.

Archery Old and simple but certainly not innefective. Covers Crossbows, Compoundbows, Longbows and all manner of other bow and arrow type weapons.

Thrown From the sleek assssins throwing knives to the unsofisticated brutes rock, things that are flung unto foes to cause inury.

Polearms When you need that extra reach to maim your opponent before he gets to you, grab a Haleberd, Spear or Lance and show 'em that size matters.


  Armour comes in all ranges of models and materials. From the padded cloth robe that will save you from the occasional bruise to the fullbody dragonscale armour that will keep you unharmed trough siege fire. Armour will keep you alive, but at a cost of mobility. Basically the more protection the armour gives you the heavier its and the more it will wigh you down. Armour is divided into the following sub categories:

Cloth For the scholar or wizard who spent time plowing trough books when they should have been pumping at the gym. Cloth will only barely protect you, but in turn doesn't weigh much and wont be in the way.

Light armour If you need armour to keep you alive but can't afford to lose any mobility. Light armour gives decent protection but will not clogg you down when you need to sneak about.

Medium armour If you want to go wade into the thivk of battle and expect to come out alive, Medium armour is your thing. Medium armour gives you a good damage resistance but makes makes it harder to move about. It is excellent for those who plan to rush headlong into combat and stay there untill all enemies are liquified.

Heavy armour Got a position to hold or a brittle wizard to protect? Gear upp for the holy grail of (barely) mobile defense, the Heavy armour. Heavy armour makes you a juggernauth on the battlefield but hampers your movements severly, don't expect to go about any stealthy maneuvers in these tin cans.

Shield Got a free hand? Put a shield in it and uppgrade your defense, Shields are the best tool for parrying melee attacks, blocking arrows or bashing charging marauders in the face. Sheilds are the perfect partner to any one handed weapon you might come across, unless you want to go swashbuckling.


  On your adventures you will find that there are stuff that is neither weapons or armour but still becomes vital to your continued career. These things fall under the Gear category wich is urther divided into the following subcategories:

Tomes: Books, manuscipts, documents and other form of text is covered by this category. Some tomes contains spells and will be vitalfor spellcasters, others are just informative and might help you in other ways.

Relics Various holy or unholy objects that hold a divine spark, vital for Priests or Crusaders to call upon their sacred powers.

Tools Tools are needed for various crafts and proffesions, the odd ends like dice or cards also fall under this category because they are the tools of the trade of certain Vocations.

Consumables Potions, foodstuff and drinks are all consumables. Other items might fall into this category if they are one use items.