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These are the Rixmon(Humanoid) Races that live on Ilem. They can all interbreed in theory(with the excpetion of the Haramon Race which can be Cyborgs instead.) but their view on interbreeding often differs.

The Draluix

The Draluix are dragon-like humanoids. They originate from Aeolei(The Sky is Adored), which are the highest reaches of their known territory, non-inhabited areas excluded. They originate from there, but inhabit two more kingdoms, founded and ruled by their own dignified and ascended leaders: the sister Kingdoms of Aeoixia(Serene as the Sky) and Aeova(Belonging from the Sky), daughter kingdoms to Aeolei. The Draluix are a very dedicated and religious people. Due to that, they are usually very powerful magicians or priests. They all normally aspire to the greatness of ascendancy, and greatly revere those that have achieved it, those that bear the energy wings, those…that can take to the sky, and fly. Alas, thanks to the fact they are a vastly old and studious race, it is easy for them to look down upon other beings. This has happened towards the Nikomoje, who they regard as an underdeveloped species, talking animals. Patrols from Aeoixia often kidnap some Nikomoje tribes-people for show-and-tell lessons to their infants, about what an inferior people looks like, and act like. It has also happened towards Daemon. The Draluix frowned upon the gods that early Daemon, and today’s Raium, revered. They sought to exterminate the foulness, but the Daemon founded Raium, and have been an enemy. Eventually Haeofi joined the ranks, and it’s been hellish war after hellish war, that marked the region made up by these three kingdoms to be known as “Trinity of War.” Peace and truce was eventually achieved, though, recently. Now, even immigrants, from both previously enemy races, are allowed to make their lives in the new tolerant Aeova. Aeova has, also met the Tux to the north of them, liked them, and so made a trade-agreement with them. There are also Draluix and mixed-race villages in the so called “neutral territory”, amidst the three kingdoms.

The Daemon

The Daemon are demon-like humanoids. They are generally aggressive take-no-crap demons. They’re afraid of nothing, and originally worshipped the gods of darkness and destruction. They do not hesitate to crush their enemies, hardly ever feel sorry for anyone, including themselves. They are originally from massive cave networks beneath the large mountain where part of the Xewer Empire stands today. They lived there as numerous tribes, in the darkness, with the only light source being lava. And they have lived like that for a long time. The mountains eventually caved in, they were forced to flee, parting three main ways. One of the groups stayed true to their two gods, having founded the Kingdom of Raium, which has fought Haeofi and Aeova for centuries, contributing to what has been called “Trinity of War”. That is, until a truce was reached, recently. Immigrants, from both previously enemy races, are allowed to make their lives in Raium. There are also Daemon and mixed-race villages in the so called “neutral territory”, amidst the three kingdoms.

The second allied with the Tux, founding the joint territory known as Rawavhab. And the third surfaced the mountains, until Haeomon came. War was had, and eventually they founded Xewer(Best/Most Possible Intelligence), along with Haeomon, as a joint empire. The more religious Daemon stand in Raium, and those religious few that live in the other territories, are normally loyal to other gods. They have various races, in terms of skin color, which include: Red, Brown, Blue, Purple and Black, and all shades thereof. Finally, the Daemon in Raium specifically use a piercing on their tails, so that it resembles their flag, so as to strengthen their identity as Raium’s Daemon.

The Haeomon

Humans. Happy-go-lucky, well-natured, ingenious humans. They are not a over religious folk, aggressive, or higher-strung than anyone else. They’re fun-loving inventors. They lived somewhere south of where Xewer today stands, south of Weiwaxia, and were happy there. But a race of monsters came from the south to kill them, and forced them to flee north. They divided into two main groups. One of them went up the mountains and waged war on the Daemon that lived there, eventually forming the Empire of Xewer, with the Daemon. The other group ended up on Haeofi(A Better Future), and founded that Kingdom, and participated in numerous wars with both Raium and Aeova, that would get that region to be known as “Trinity of War”. Peace and truce has been established recently, though, and several immigrants, from both previously enemy races, have filled the welcoming Haeofi. There are also Haeomon and mixed-race villages in the so called “neutral territory”, amidst the three kingdoms.

The Haramon

The Haramon are robotic golems created through the infusion of souls on machinery, invented during the rise of the Empire of Xewer(Best/Most Possible Intelligence). To this day, they are used as slaves for labour and the like. They also make good weapons/warriors. (work in progress) Read the lore of both Daemon and Haeomon, as both inhabit Xewer.

The Nikomoje

The Nikomoje are feline-like humanoids. Their story started in another land: a continent across the ocean, where fauna ran rampant, wild, and much more dangerous. They were never a complicated people. They had hunters, they had workers, and they had leaders. They did not have inventors, priests, or any kind of cleric… nor its opposite end of the magical spectrum. They had their claws, or rudimentary weapons like spears, axes, bows, etc.

The hunters and leaders(strongest hunters) are strong, violent, and aggressive. True predators who live by “might makes right.”, and revel in it. That is how the leader was chosen. If one had not the guts to challenge the leader, he would rally members of the tribe to follow him to better ventures, and that is how new tribes were formed. The new tribe would normally become an enemy of the first, but it really depended on the leaders in charge.

The workers are smaller, more fragile, and much better-spirited folk: simple minded, easy to amuse, easy-going and well natured. They did not seek conflict, and due to their work, and genes, are often far more agile than most of the hunters and leaders. Still, they don’t ever stand a chance against a hunter, in a fight.

With that said, that are four main territories, and sub-species, of the Nikomoje:

Nikomoje A Dacy(Of the North): A number of tribes inhabit in far north, next to the Tux Territory. They are the most belligerent of the four territories. The north is desolate and cold, a place of death. The Nikomoje races there are comprised of Leopards, Tigers and Lynxes, all had to adapt to the environment, turning their fur white and blueish. They fight for resources against the Tux, and sometimes each other(though it’s rare, and not accepted). These harsh conditions have made them the most irritable and violent of them all. They are at war with the Tux, and constantly try to invade them, and eat them.

Nikomoje A Dacci(Of the West): A number of tribes that inhabits the jungles and forests to the west of Weimilxia, neighbours to the Turiemvaiz there. They are known as noble and individualistic. They have a good relationship with the Turiemvaiz, but each tribe has its own independence, respecting each other’s strengths. They respect individuality that is earned, and due to that, it’s also the territory with the greatest amount of different tribes. But though they respect each other, they have a hard time thinking collectively, outside of their tribe. For one tribe, another is as close to them as the Turiemvaiz, and that is the main reason why Draluix from Aeoixia often manage to kidnap members of the Nikomoje. Subraces include: Leopards, Jaguar(black among them, the strongest(Panthers)), Tigers and Lynx.

Nikomoje A Haeo Dacvi(Of the High South): The Nikomoje have trapped themselves in a dreadfully mountainous jungle, blocked off by the two different Srimwai people of Srimvarer and Srimvaixi. In fact, Srimvaixi is so successful in fighting the Nikomoje that they use Nikomoje territory as hunting grounds for their elite warriors. They are known as twitchy, nervous and gruesome, which is by itself a horrible combination of traits. In their territory, there is a physical lack of food and other resources, such that in this territory, the Nikomoje do not build housings, but live in caves or other native rock-formations. Workers are few and endangered, and Nikomoje will attack anyone and anything that doesn’t look like it’s a part of the tribe. Strong survivors, but only last due to a replenishing of numbers through constant birth. They are known to be gruesome, vicious, immoral, and quite always famished and up to eat anything. Subraces include Cougar, Leopards, Lion, Andean mountain cat.

Finally, there’s the Empire of Toriimaah(Powerful Unity), more known as Nikomoje A Dacvi(Of the South.): These tribes banded together to finally form an actual civilization, founding the empire of Toriimaah. They have achieved peace with both Srimwai territories of Srimvaixi and Srimvarer, and have a slightly different society. Workers are called builders, hunters are culled soldiers, and expeditions are sent to explore territory, not conquer. They are known as the most patient and understanding of all the Nikomoje, as actually making an effort to live with others. They are, by far, the most powerful and advanced Nikomoje Territory. Sub-races include: Lions and Cheetahs( King Cheetah as leader ) and Servals/Sandcat.

Only in the High South, the mountains, do the Nikomoje mainly live in land-formations. Both in the south, west and north, the workers build houses into the environment. The west has houses and tents built in the trees, the north has igloos and ice constructions of humble size, and the South, Toriimaah, is pretty much Egyptian-ish.

The Turiemvaiz

The Turiemvaiz are a simple people. They live in balance with nature around them, and have a pretty straightforward society: The females tend to the territory, spiritually and aesthetically, while the males are the protectors and heavy lifters (whenever there’s need). Plus, they have no leader. They are one gigantic democracy, and have an overall everyone’s-included-voting whenever something has to be decided. The men are machos: tall, muscular brute-looking with a straightforward way of thinking, excelling at melee with help of bark-esq armor which grows upon them. The women are all delicate and beautiful, most commonly “vocated” for magic, much like general Tux, only more nature related. They’re mostly herbivores, of the kind that still eats fruit. But it’s a culture thing more than a physical obligation.

They have two territories: Weimilxia(Peaceful Forest) which stands to the south of Aeoixia and to the east of the Nikomoje A Dacci territory. They have a good healthy relationship with the Nikomoje, but a tense neutrality with the Draluix. And Weiwaxia (Peacefully Green), in the forest to the South of Xewer, south-east from Haeofi, north-east from Toriimaah. Finally, there is a “trade route” of sorts between Weiwaxia and Weimilxia. They trade Turiemvaiz, since they sometimes want to voyage to each other’s territories. Currently, Turiemvaiz are on a very slow expansion headed south-east, and sail directly through Svalkae territory, between their two territories. No formal meeting has been conducted with either Haeofi or Xewer or the Svalkae Settlement, although there is knowledge from all parties about each other’s existence.

The Srimwai

The Srimwai are originally desert-folk: they were a region of primitive tribes in the south. That’s why they respect the desert: it’s inhospitable, harsh, complex, alive…just like them. They are quiet beings, communicating mostly through actions. They have feelings, but one would always wager they have none, by the way they act: they seem cold, detached, functioning on logic and effectiveness alone. They delve into both magic and otherwise, and there’s no distinction between male and female in their society, no set place in their culture. Anyone can be a warrior, and anyone can be a house keeper. What they do have are sects. Their society is made up of sects, or guilds. The workers, the warriors, the hunters/trackers, the learners, the merchants, the explorers, and so on: each sect is referred to as a “house”, and each house is a very large family, with generations of experience on performing that task. It is possible to change house, or even simply leave, but it is frowned upon, except on one occasion… Much like with their “jobs”, is their relationship: arranged marriages from birth, normally inside the same house, dictate who each Srimwai will end up with. Marriages between houses are possible, and it is up for the parents to decide who goes where, and for what fee. Emotion and feelings don’t factor. Efficiency and effectiveness are the words of order. These were all rules and laws of social conduct inserted and upheld by the Srimwai fellow that united the tribes under the banner of Srimvarer(Desert Mother), which was their first and long-standing territory: The Empire of Srimvarer.

But another territory was founded, by a group of exiles that did not like the way of Sects and Guilds: Srimvaixi (Desert Resurrected), where Srimwai can live like a strong and proud people, who bars no one from being themselves, as best they can! Srimvaixi was founded on a mountainous jungle, and Srimwai from there have adapted, gaining a green skin-tone, instead of a yellow one. In truth, though, most of the Srimwai there were warriors. In fact, the greatest elites were part of those exiles. This small kingdom would be known as a warrior nation, a formidable territory, the only to put Nikomoje on their place. Yes, Srimvaixi uses Nikomoje A Haeo Dacvi’s territory as their hunting grounds, keeping them from getting strong, and training strong warriors like that. And it attacked Toriimaah for a while there, before accepting truce and peace. Srimvarer is ever expanding its territory, and is belligerent towards Toriimaah for taking so much of their dear desert. It is expected that when they run out of territory to take over, to the west, they will engage Toriimaah in a territorial war. So, there is peace between these two empires, but it is fickle, and cold.

The Aumirx

The Aumirx are a race that has no flesh, but does have a magical skin that keeps their bodies alive, and which is irregularly transparent across their bodies. The bones cover almost everything, so you can hardly see organs. Still, because of this, they have a nightmarish look, which has deeply scarred their social standing with others, and within themselves. Because of this they are loners, they wish to be left alone, amidst their difference and uniquely skeleton look, and not be bothered by other races or peoples that pretend and act to know better, and be better. They are hardly afraid of anything, and usually pretty dark in their stance and words, but they are not inherently violent or evil. They are quick to anger, though, and have a slight spite for other races, because they can always tell they think themselves superior, and prettier. So, when confronted, they have to be treated cautiously, for they are very easy to upset and anger… they can very well lash out, maybe ripping the flesh out of people. Make them more interesting, more to their liking.

They have two territories, both with two names. They make names specifically for outsiders to hear, specifically to demonstrate how hospitable they are, and to help outsiders decide whether to visit them or not: Vaunilan (Dead Land), which is their kingdom, the largest portion of territory. And Ilenirx(Land of the Undead), a settlement to the East of Xewer. They have had meetings with folk from Svalkae and Xewer, and in both instances, they were met aggressively and noxiously. As is, they want to be left alone.

The Perhix

Perhix Insect Humanoid Race. Related to the Aumirx and inhabit the land to the east of them. Rather Neutral and calm race. Based on a humanoid Praying Mantis.

The Svalkae

Svalkae are a fish-like humanoids, a peaceful people, but that usually looks down on others. Because they never actually had to fight for territory, or for resources, they expanded more than others, and have a much more peaceful society than others. But not considering that, they just think themselves superior, in both intellect and looks. Though in truth, they aren’t remorseful or spiteful about it, like the Draluix, but more like amusingly interested in others as “those poor species that still haven’t reached our level of society.” They are a species that sees themselves as beautiful, while all others, especially from their point of view, are wholesome unattractive; especially the Aumirx, who they had the displeasure of meeting. Haeomon are the only ones they still tolerate, in terms of looks. They love having fun, and enjoying themselves. Either in parties or as individuals, they often voyage around the sea, having adventures and expeditions. But despite being a joy-spirited empire that never actually met any particular hardships or difficulties, they’re far from being weak or cowards, as they brave the far reaches of the ocean, and fight the most dangerous of sea monsters. It is rumoured their presence really reached all over the ocean, more rare rumours hint at the fact Svalkae are a world empire… none of these are confirmed. Finally, since they multiply and reproduce normally, and again, not meeting any kind of problems with other races, since no one wants dominion of the sea, and there’s a lot of it, they often have to branch out and create other territories. This is done quite easily, and without any fuss: the emperor nominates the leader, the leader calls out for volunteers, and off they go to live in some new place. Three territories are known, even though they probably have much more: Their kingdom, Aeomlain(Heaven in the Ocean), stands in an island to the south-east. The other two are Laikan(Important Water Drop), and Lawailen(Blue Land): the first is located near Haeofi, founded by more adventurous colonists, who wished to live next to folk: they like teasing the Haeomon, but scarcely relate with the Turiemvaizthat live in the forest to their east, and voyage through their territory, for lack of interest. The second one is located near Nikomoje A Dacy and Aeoixia. That’s the settlement that’s gone the farthest from the empire, and was led by a princess that wanted to get as far away from her father as she could. They don’t relate with either Draluix or the Nikomoje, as both look aggressive and mean and, obviously, very ugly. They keep to themselves, but have inadvertently made themselves known, through their shenanigans.

The Tux

The Tux are penguin-like folk who have the most peaceful and benevolent society of all. They are humble, friendly, just… and just plain good. They used to be somewhat like the Draluix, fixed on the law and procedures of their religion(s). But then, a Tux named Jin came forth and initiated a great reformation. For millennia, since then, have the Tux been living according to the benevolent Word of Jin, that tapped into the essence of their gods’ wishes, above law and procedures. They are a nomadic people, wandering around the world, sharing what they have, learning from others, and teaching what they can. They all originate from the snowy north, though. A contingent of them met with Daemon, on the north-east, where they allied and founded Rawavhab(White/Good existence)…a territory made up of Tux and Daemon.

The other territory is Tux Venorii(Tux Union), a territory founded just for the sake of drawing down borders that they could defend. This was necessary due to the war that has broken out with the Nikomoje A Dacy, who constantly attempt to invade, to take their territory. The Tux Venorii has also made a trade alliance with the Draluix from Aeova, upon meeting each other, and liking each other. And that is that: Tux come from the Tux Venorii, and then walk around Ilem, gypsies of the world. They’re brilliant fishers and gatherers, and far from humble magic users.

The Troirkah

Troirkah are bat-like baboon-like humanoids. They are near blind, which is why their eyes are absolutely white. They have bat-like ears which they use to hear, much like bats. They also have crystals originating from their very skin, like a fungus, due to the fact they mostly inhabit in mineral-filled caves. In fact, their very claws are crystal-made. They are about 7 to 8 feet tall, and their heads are a bit disproportionally small even though their jaws are wide and can open quite a bit. Expectedly, they are not particularly smart, still living in a very rural, almost animalistic tribal community. They are aggressive, and not apt to communicate, but rather shred and maim.

They were first seen by the initial Haeomon, when they lived on the south. The Haeomon curiously poked inside of one of their caves, and rattled them. They left the caves to chase the Haeomon, wreaking unstoppable rampaging havoc.

At the sight of those gigantic creatures, Haeomon fled, never to be seen again. They eventually developed an audible language, as archaic as it is, and coined themselves as Troirkah(Cave Boon). They live in many caves, even ones connected to underwater caves. It is through these that they have met the Svalkae, and happily tasted their flesh. To this day, they’re known as gigantic and unstoppable creatures, much better left alone, as they are many, and quick to gather together to hunt and rampage.