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Haeomon(Left) and a Daemon-Haeomon crossbreed(Right)
Average Height:1.5-1.8m
Average Weight:54-64kg

The Haeomon are a humanoid species that live on the planet Ilem. Stereotypically known as a more happy go lucky and ambitious race which is always trying to advance, but however like the other humanoid species the personality and looks of a Haeomon vary from Haeomon to Haeomon. They are known to inhabit three main areas Jaiht A Xua, Xewer and Tuscwei.





Haeofi Humans. Happy-go-lucky, well-natured, ingenious humans. They are not a religious folk, aggressive, or more high-strung than anyone else. They’re fun-loving inventors. They lived somewhere south of where Xewer today stands, South of Weiwaxia and had not the curiosity to seek outside. Some explorers did, though, bringing back tales of Demons and Monsters having a timeless war across the forest to the west (Aeova vs Raium), and of a heaven of gifts and treasures atop the mountain, up north. But the Haeomon never made any official and worthwhile expeditions. What happened was that monsters came from the south, unstoppable raging monsters!!!

They forced the Haeomon to run for their arses, which they did. And in the hurry and, again, lack of time to reach consensus, they split up two ways. One half went up to the mountain, to reach heaven. The other went west through the forest, to play their luck against the demons and monsters, figuring they had a better chance of defeating them, than surviving the mountain.

The ones that went up met with, not only countless monsters, but also tribes of Daemon that already occupied the area, and were not too keen on sharing: either space OR resources. The Haeomon, nervous and fickle due to the monsters they already encountered, and due to the past tales of demons… reacted harshly. The Daemons, in response, reacted even worse. They waged war for what seemed an eternity. Mini-nations rose and fell. Alliances between Daemon and Haeomon, under the same ideals, were made, and originated mini-nations, which rose and fell… over and over again. Science advanced, wild life was exterminated, or rendered under control. Robots were created, but order was always far from being established. That is, until one nation got lucky, caught a good wind and made use of it, conquering all others under its banner. Thus, the Empire of Xewer (Best/Most Possible Intelligence) was born, ruled by both Daemon and Haeomon. The empire grew and expanded to become the strongest and most advanced and powerful of all.

The Haeomon that crossed the forest readied up their mighty titanium-laced genitals and “blitzkrieged” right through it. Expecting to find demons and monsters, they didn’t stop when they met lumber villages of Raium, obliterating them. They crushed, and rampaged their way until they hit a wall, called Raium. There, they turned, finding themselves in the middle of a centuries old war. They side-tracked to get out of the crossfire, and couldn’t help but be backed up to the sea. And then, they were screwed. Surrounded by enemies and sea, they had nowhere to go. Luckily for them, Raium and Aeova were weakened and tired by war, and they, Haeomon, had caused a “decent” first impression, in matters of strength. But they knew better: they had no territory to call their own, no structures to use, they couldn’t wage war against either the Draluix and Raium, and both of them didn’t want to wage war against anyone anymore. Haeomon founded the kingdom of Haeofi(A Better Future), and served as the final excuse for Raium and Aeova to call a truce. Peace was established between the three kingdoms, a peace that lasts to this day. (when the game starts). The only thing that matters beyond that is that Haeofi became aware that Turiemvaiz were within their reach, on Weiwaxia. No formal relationship has yet to be set, for lack of interest from both parts. Other than that, they have an amicable relationship with the Svalkae settlement of Laikan. Very good friends indeed, as the Svalkae love to tease the Haeomon, and the Haeomon think the Laikan are a lot of fun… which comes as no surprise, since they are both fun-loving worriless races.

And so it was that Haeomon came to inhabit two locations: Empire of Xewer, where they are industrious conquerors and inventors. And Haeofi, where they are fun-loving inventors, a bit lazier than the Xewer folk, used to another kind of rhythm, since there’s no cultural need towards “progress”.