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Government:Hereditary Monarchy
Ruler:Rauai Uballe (Current)
Species:Haeomon (Primarily)
Location:Southern Central Jaiht A Xua
Major Settlements:Werlon, Lainlua, Crilrosi
National Status:Active

Haeofi is one of the two Haeomon territories in the fictional world of Ilem, in the continent of Yenha. Haeofi is a small seaside country, part of the Jaiht A Xua 'Trinity of War' along with Aeova and Raium. Haeofi was created little after the Great Split, by the Haeomons lead by Queen Aoe. Even though it is older than the Empire of Xewer, the Kingdom of Haeofi is less developed due to constant war with Aeova and Raium. At the moment Haeofi is in peaceful, if tedious, terms with Aeova and Raium, and has a good trading relationship with the Svalkae nation of Laikan, an island south of Haeofi's coast-line.


The name Haeofi, refers to 'the better future' that Queen Aoe foresaw if they were to travel west to the forests, which they did. Due to her passionate belief in creating this better future for her people, the Haeomon who later founded Haeofi, named their kingdom so in her Honor. The Haeofi Capital is Named Aoe, also in her honor.

Geography, climate and environment

Haeofi's territory occupies the entirety of the Eraleio Peninsula ( Summer Love) and some land to the north of it. Haeofi is south-east of Aeova and South of Raium. It i also north of Laikan.

In the northern part of Haeofi there is a small mountain range, known as the Obesti 'Rain wall' which basically keeps most of the rain in the territory of Haeofi. The mountain also marks the northern border of Haeofi, directly north of which are the neutral territories, the heart of the Trinity of war.

The southern slope is heavily covered by a type of rain forest, lush on flora and fauna.

The Eraleio peninsula is mostly a plateau with the occasional hill here and there. Most of its land is used for agriculture, not really affecting the local nature, due to the fact it used to be mostly lush grasslands. The peninsula's soil is put to use in the form of Orchards and the like, abundand with produce.

The coast line of Haeofi is prominent in its harbour cities, one of which is the capital Aoe.

The sea south of Haeofi is also rich on resources.

Haeofi enjoys good weather almost all year round. Summer is rather hot ( around 40-45 degrees) with a small monsoon season in the first month of summer. Due to the warm currents brought from the sea, the winter is soft and temperatures rarely fall bellow -5. The last time the coast-line was covered in ice was more than 250 years ago.


Haeofi's history is accepted to begin right after the Great Split. At the time, leaders of the Haeomon nation were the twin siblings, the Sister- Queen Aoe, and the Brother- King Dui. Aoe was older than Dui but tradition made the firstborn heir. Due to the fact it was usually the first male born into the royal family to take on the throne, the birth of the twins set an air of confusion in the Royal House and both children were named heir.

At the time, the decision seemed adequate. Queen Aoe was a sensible, reasonable woman with a fomidable head on her shoulders. She was known both for her great beauty and her impressive intelect and deducive skills. King Dui, was a head-strong young man with the great desire to prove himself to his people. He was known for his amazing prowess in battle and his leadership skills. Both siblings complemented each other with their different personalities, and the Ancient Kingdom was prosperous.

One day, however, the Great Menace came and forced the unprepared folk to abbandon their homes and their comfortable life styles. At some point the two siblings finally came to an unbreachable problem – they could not agree to their next move. King Dui wanted to take their people to the mountains of the North, the Land of Xewer, where travellers brought back stories of legendary riches and treasures. Queen Aoe found his decision 'dellusional, as there was no concrete proof that there was anything else than harsh winter and traitorous steep cliffs in Xewer. She was adamant to take their people to the forests of the west, where there were plenty of resources and grateful weather.

Thus came to be the Great Split. Some followed Dui, others – Aoe. In the end some stayed, and survived for several generations, only to be completely obliterated by the Cave Menace in the end.

Even though there were plenty of resources to the west, the journey was not at all easy. The Haeomon of Aoe fought through many lumber villages of the Daemon nation untill they reaches the very impeckable walls of a major Raium settlement.

The Haeomon had stumbled right into a centuries old war between the Daemon and the Draluix. With the force of their momentum, and the adamant will of any Haeomon, they threw themselves into battle, startling both the Draluix and the Daemon. While not managing to win any important battle, or to crush the two warring nations, the Haeomon of Aoe were forced into the peninsula that they named Summer love, due to its wonderful climate.

While Aoe had created a decent enough impression on their adversaries, Aeova and Raium, it was her Grandson, King Pehurai, that founded the Kingdome of Haeofi. From then to contemporary times, the Kingdom of Haeofi has expanded northward with a stable progression all the way through the Rain Wall mountain and close to the Heart of the Trinity of War. The region north of the Rain Wall Mountain was a stalemate between the three countries in the grander historical picture. Neither country could secure the heart of the Trinity of War for long periods of time. The constant threeway war left all three countries low on resources, though Haeofi was not that much low on resources as the great obstacle that was the Rain Wall was the real reason for their inability to keep the region north of the mountain. The mountain was not formidable in height, in comparison to the bigger mountains, like those in the Draluix lands, but its slopes were steep and dagger-like, not to mention the thick forest. It was hard for Haeofi to transport resources across it.

Finally, there was peace, as fickle as it was.

In more recent history, Haeofi used the peace to create a stable network of underground passages, mostly tunnels for primitive steam engines to transport resources across the Rain Wall mountain.

Also, while the war left Haeofi, marginally far behind Xewer, when the peace treaty was initiated, they used the opportunity to develop further their technology. The more important events of the early peace period was the inventing of the Zeppelin and the Hot Air baloon prior to that, and the development of agricultural technology, including the drilling machines used for the tunnels.

Nowadays, Haeofi is primarily a trading country, specializing in agricultural and transport technology.

Foreign relations and politics

Haeofi is governed by the Royal family, decendant of Queen Aoe, and also distantly related to the Imperial family of Xewer. Current Ruling head is Queen 'Falling Star' and her consort Duke 'Ash Wind'.

Apart from the Royal Family, Haeofi is governed also by the Council of the Elders, a name that traditionally remained for their form of parliament.

Haeofi's ideologies at this point of their development is concentrated around further evolution of their technology and agriculture. They are concentrated on trading and inventing and also exploring along side the Laikan.

While Trinity of War is in peaceful terms, Haeofi does not have profitable relations with either Raium or Aeova. The most they would have is a fickle neutral ignorance of each other.

Aeova does not allow aerial crafts on and near its territories, and they are also forbidden by an additional treaty in the neutral zone.

Raium, however is on very edgy terms with Haeofi. When they start attacking neutral settlements, Aeova proposes alliance to Haeofi, with the juicy profit of lifting the aerial ban, something that Haeofi has been striving to achieve for the past 50 years. With the Ban officially lifted, several new trade routes are created, not to mention the joint aerial projects between Haeofi and Aeova and her sister Kingdoms. The relationship prospered quickly.

As stated earlier, the Svalkae nation on Laikan was on good trading terms with Haeofi to begin with. Due to the simple fact they enjoyed good adventure and also never missed the chance to travel abroad for even more profit, the Laikan Svalkae joined in on the alliance. The result of the tripple union is a mixed crew for most of the aerial contraptions. The Laikan Svalkae do not join the war directly. Their efforts are mostly in securing transport and trade routes, in the new, now open, territories of the Draluix.

Relationship with Xewer is near friendly, mostly a trading relationship.


Out of the long war with Aeova and Raium, Haeofi has a lot to make up for in comparison to the powerful empire of Xewer. After several stagnant generations, the kingdome finally picks up pace and starts looking forward to creating trade routes and evolving their agriculture.

Haeofi's produce is one of the best on the continent and the most prominent buyers are Laikan, due to their inexplainable love of fruit, and Xewer, due to their lack of resources in the mountain. In exchange, Xewer sends metal and other such resourses which they have in abundance. Laikan's exchange is more peculiar, as they have firm trading and now ally policies with the Haeofi. Haeofi's first ships were based on Svalkae design and their Zepelins were picked from that same design. Laikan are excellent sea men and fishermen and often exchange the Haeofi fruit for deep sea pearls and other such treasures of the deep.

As a result, the harbour cities of Haeofi often prosper with the creation of expensive jewelry as well, seeing as both Haeomons and Svalkae like shiny things. Furthermore, the Svalkae are common sight among the crewmen of the Haeofi transportations. Their superior navigation skills are currently being used by them and now the Aeovians for their flying contraptions.

Haeofi's infrastructure is still marginally being updated, the newly implemented train stations speeding up resource and people transport by land. The tunnels built through the Rain Wall Mountain are also contemporary. There are three major and five minor tunnels all of which run straight across the mountain.

Most of Haeofi, that meaning the peninsulla itself, is covered with fields growing various produce. Due to monsoon season, the fields are protected both by technological and magical means. Haeofi grows a great variety of fruit and vegetables and several industrial plants, such as cotton, for example. Haeofi also produces silk and its most notable non- produce resource is the excellent quality wood and granite, which are both used for building boats and zeppelins ( wood and imported metal) and their infamous sturdy buildings.

Also, Haeofi is a popular tourist country among Svalkae. There is great potential in developing this branch of economy due to recent alligment with the Draluix of Aeova and her sister Kingdomes. Also relationships are soon to improve with Xewer as they are preparing negotiations for one of the Queen's daughters, for their next emperor.

Industry is still not Haeofi's strongest side, but their inventions are just as important as Xewer's in terms of industry. Haeofi specializes in agricultural contraptions and drilling machines. Their inventions allow them to build sturdy, but still very beautiful buildings, which are definitely more aesthetically appealing than Xewer's skyscrapers of metal and glass.

Zeppelins and hot air baloons are extremely important for Haeofi as they're a cheap transport for goods across both water and air. As stated earlier, as of recently, the Haeofi possess primitive steam engine trains which they now work on improving with their own flare, courtesy of Xewer. Land infrastructure has been improved greatly due to this imported innovation.

In terms of energy, Haeofi harnesses the power of the wind and water, with Wind Turbines scattered across the plateau and several dams are built near the mountain range. Main income of power for the Haeofi are the steam powered electricity complexes, them being in total 3 major and 2 minor.

There is nearly no unemployment in Haeofi, due to family bussinesses and, of course, the option of registering as self employed with a certain skill the individual possesses. Due to that, there is always work for everybody. The abundance of resources make up for a flourishing country.

In terms of employment, the Haeofi's highest percentage is among the engineers and inventors' branch, followed closely by the ship builders and the doctor society. The most developed economical branches are Agriculture, Transport/ Infrastructure, and Science and Technology.

Not as important as agriculture itself is the care for livestock. Most prominent branches of that are Sheep, for their precious wool, Cattle for beef and milk, pigs and some other minor livestock like rabbits and birds.


Haeofi uses the common language, known as Huxxum.

Haeomons by default are not overly religious, but they do have a major deity- Scandos, god of knowledge and skills. Recently, it has been noted that the seaside settlements, including Aoe, the capital, have sprouted a religious liking towards the Ocean god Qualainus, due to their direct contact with the sea, and by proxi, the Svalkae as well. It is believed that this phenomenon is due to Svalkae influense and it is not surprising at all, as Laikan Svalkae are a common sight, especially in the sea side regions. Some contemporary historians and some other professors suggest that due to the now open relation with the Draluix and due to their developed aerial transport, it is highly likely, due to Draluix influense, prominent airport cities to become the seedlings for the Draluix religion in their midst, namely a Haeomon initiated Aeolos cult.

Haeofi is the proud owner of several major Universities, the most prominent of which are the Aerial Academy, the Marine Academy, both of which are in Aoe. Among other types of Universities, the Contemporary University of Math, Science and Engineering, also in Aoe, is tieing with the Medical University, which is not in Aoe, but rather has its own small settlement and campus about it. The Arcane and Alchemy Institute is not as developped in comparison with Xewer's similar ones, but it does sprout its own unique research materials and is highly developed in the Wind/ Air and water magical school. Alchemy by default is far more developed that alchemy in Xewer, due to its universal use in Medicine especially, and not to mention the level of development of medicine and pharmacy.

Basic education, similar to Xewer's, include early welding and engineering courses, thus making both skills a household skill, wielded by children as well as adults and elderly.

Pre- high school is also well developed as during this stage of a child's life the magical ability manifests and from then on, all the way through high school, such talented children attend to extra curriculum classes to learn how to control their magical gift. Once the course is complete, they receive a low level permit to use magic freely.

Magical education is just as important as the normal one in Haeofi, due to its chaotic and often harmful ways. Once a gifted/ talented child finishes school, they have a choice to attend to the Arcane and Alchemy Institute, to devote themselves completely to the magical field, or they could attend, for example the Medical university and then specialise in Medical Healing in the Arcane and Alchemy institue. The Medical Healing specialization basically turns normal doctors into the more commonly known as the priest vocation. These are the most common type of Haeofi field medics, and they usually are also adept at using their magical powers in offensive and not just defensive ways.

Another such example of intwertwining magical and natural sciences is , for example, the Hunter vocation. Biologists with the Gift prepare themselves through the Arcane and Alchemy Institute and then turn themselves completely to nature, exploring it. The Hunter Syndicate is a more intricate institution in Haeofi, as most hunters start out as apprentices to Master Hunters. The Hunter vocation is not normally learned in an Institute or other such facility. The Biologist turned Hunter is only an example of using one's education in lieu with one's gift in order to find oneself's true vocation.

Many people do not turn to vocations and choose to remain civilians which is why Haeofi is more commonly known nowadays as a peaceful country. New knowledge is constantly researched and developed in the educational facilities.

The Air and Marine Academies prepares not only pilots and professional sea men, but also fighters and soldiers to some degree. Those who have graduated either Academy start out with higher rank if they choose to pursuit a military career later on.

Health care is extremely advanced in Haeofi along side transport and agriculture. Health care usually runs side by side with the Arcane and Alchemy institute, this spawning unique branches of science, such as Alchemical Pharmacy, Medical Healing, Arcane Biophysics and so on.

The doctor profession is one of Haeofi's most common choice of vocation. Most of haeofi's Field Medics are Talented/ Gifter Healers and act as a Priest would for the Draluix. Due to the fact that Haeomons are not overly religious folk like the Draluix, their healing is powered not by their religious devotion, but by their knowledge of medicine in general and it is also believed that the gods, while not being as greatly worshiped as by some other nations, help out these men and women, due to their sacred duty as doctors to help and heal any wounded in any way they can.

The Alchemical Pharmacy branch may as well refer to the Alchemist vocation, though one must be aware than an Alchemical Pharmacist possesses a bit more potion making knowledge than the ordinary Alchemist. Then again, an Ordinary Alchemist, for example from Xewer, is far more educated into the field of imbuing items with magical abilities/ powers ( creation of Haramons?).

Haeofi has little to no crime due to the low to none percentage of Unemployment and the great amount of resources and job opportunities. In accordance, their police is mostly figurative, more prominent in working in the field of a natural crisi, then with the organized crime that is going on in Xewer for example.

The customs are extremely tight security wise and that also prevent development of any form of smuggling crime. The Svalkae of Laikan are not interested in crime either, finding the legal way of travel and trading far more to their liking. That does not mean they are not prone to light forms of houliganism, mainly in the forms of practical jokes during customs check ups. Haeomons have a sense of humor and only the more major forms of 'jokes' get a small fine for disturbing the peace too much. All in good humor and tradition.

Major settlements like the 35 or so cities and the surrounding areas have a horse police which patrools regularly. Life is fairly comfortable both during day and night, and it is not uncommon to see people traveling alone at night on an empty road.


It is very important to state that most of the Haeofi traditions have stayed the same from the times before the Great Split, due to the fact that Haeofi's a purely Haeomon Nation. However, many new concepts have been picked up due to their history, and their trading relationship with the Svalkae of Laikan.

Their unique position at a sea side makes them susceptible to marine folklore, especially Svalkae related. There is a small amount of mixed marriage population on the seaside, as well.

In terms of their values, a Haeomon of Haeofi would find a book a thousand times more valluable than an expensive piece of jewelry. Haeofi have many phrases, originating and created by the folklore of the Ancient Haeomon Kingdom. Here are several examples:

'Every prophet in his house.' This saying originates from the legend that a prophet appeared on the day the twin sibling heirs were born and had told the Queen and King that their rule would be marked by the destruction of their kingdom and that the twins would take separate ways in life, never to see each other again. The prophet's words were taken as an offence by the royal family, but the warning was heard by the normal people. Another prophet had then showed up on the next day and had told the Royal family that there, indeed, would be a major cataclysm, and in order for the Haeomon to survive, both siblings must rule together on the throne. Such thing was unheard of, but the Royal Family accepted the words of the prophet. In the end, both prophets were right, and basically had said the same thing, but their words were taken and accepted by different parts of the nation. Thus the creation of the saying.

Another popular phraze is “Don't count your Svalkae Crew before all of them are on board.”

'Never forget that a Svalkae is, and always will be, a carnivore, even if they sprout the sweetest of tooths.'

'Draluix and Daemon may break your bones, but Svalkae will never hurt you.'


As stated earlier, Haeofi have prominent architects which sprout Aesthetically marvelous and yet sturdy building, having a monsoon season and all.

Gold, stone, glass and wood are primary materials for construction. Haeofi cities tend to have wide streets and boulevards, often with a strip of green in the middle with various fountains and statues layed on it. Haeofi cities are usually planned by an architect and the structure of the whole settlement is extremely neat and set out with the up most defence in mind. There are usually several separate defensive structures around a city. First and fartherst are the several sets of hills, then its a cannal that is also used to water the fields and then its a low wall with the occasional watch tower. The city itself , for aesthetical and somewhat defensive reasons are surrounded by lush parks that would obscure the view of the walls to the citizens and would give them an extremely beautiful something to look out the window first thing in the morning.

Primary money system is Lux, as it is for the entire continent.