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Description : Bird-god of the sky, who controls the weather.  Often Aeolos is obscured inside a giant thundercloud. He is gigantic. Thunder is called his shout and Lightning is his "Footsteps".
Abilities : Limitless control over the elements of lightning and wind. Also, He flies.
Goal : To be worshiped
Personality : High-strung and righteous. Knows exactly how important it is.
Known Adjutants : (to add)
Affected Vocations : Elementalist(Electricity,Air), Gunslinger, Priest(Devotee), Crusader(Righteous).


Description : Goddess of space and time.
Abilities : Teleportation across space, time and dimensions. Self and others. Limitless ability at controlling time.
Goal : Help Ilem, making sure it does not get destroyed, by others, or itself.
Personality : Quiet and mysterious. She hardly ever communicates with anyone, and when she does so, she says nothing beyond what’s extremely necessary to say. She’s behind many conspiracies that delve through many many levels; all focused on accomplishing her goal.
Known Adjutants : A Chronomancer that was born during the Rise of Xewer.
Affected Vocations : Energist, Ritualist, Dimensionalist, Priest(Prophet), Crusader(Heralding).


Description : The Great Golem, who wanders Ilem.
Abilities : Invulnerability. Limitless manipulation over the element of earth. Rumored to be able to call upon Haekei.
Goal : Unknown.
Personality : Complacent and lonely, he wanders the planet, ever walking on. He’s completely indifferent to everything and anything.
Known Adjutants : (to add)
Affected Vocations : Archaeologist, Elementalist(Earth), Priest(Wanderer), Crusader(Pioneering).


Description : The God of Creation.
Abilities : Limitless and all. He is not omnipotent nor omniscient, though.
Goal : To observe how his creations pan out.
Personality : Haekei’s an easy-going slightly irresponsible character. Though wise, he prefers to be an equal to the people he observes. He often changes shape, and travels around his world, to fulfil his passive purpose.
Known Adjutants : Himself in many forms.
Affected Vocations : Vacationer, Alchemist, Priest(Pilgrim), Crusader(Capricious).


Description : The Ocean God.
Abilities : Limitless control over the element of water, that includes the minute control of making storms.
Goal : Observing, with pride, the Svalkae people. Helping them. It is said they were created at his behest.
Personality : He’s the basis of the whole Svalkae culture. Adventurous and adaptable. Goes with the flow.
Known Adjutants : (to add)
Affected Vocations : Admiral, Elementalist(Water), Priest(Adventurer), Crusader(Audacious).


Description : Master of knowledge and skills.
Abilities : He knows the science behind anything. How it works, functions, how it is built, how it is destroyed.
Goal : Perfection. To make sure a respective level of knowledge and skill is only obtained/reached by the worthy, by the mentally and behaviourally prepared to possess it.
Personality : A know-it-all intellectual. Looks down on everyone, including most of his fellow gods, and is way too strict on what is, or is not, “worthy” material of achieving a certain knowledge and skill. He has very rarely, if ever, taught anyone anything, or provided anyone the answers they needed. He likes to play with logic, and is very literal about anything that is said.
Known Adjutants : None are worthy.
Affected Vocations : Martial Artist, Engineer(Tinker,Mason), Artisan, Priest(Scholar), Crusader(Ingenious).


Description : God of Harmony, Survival, heat and cold, deserts, jungle and artic.
Abilities : Limitless control over temperature, and knowledge of the cause and effect of all things nature. While Turia is wise, she does not possess this knowledge, nor does she have any control over the weather. Likewise, Scindos only knows about artificial things. The secrets of nature, both planetary and out, are opened to Sriaeo.
Goal : To make sure the balance of nature is maintained and, preferably, respected. Anything he does, is towards this goal.
Personality : He considers the nature, as in the planet and even space and such, the true marvellous living being. The living being that cannot get sick, wither and die. He weighs this over the lives of whoever inhabits the living being. He holds respect only for those that respect the planet, the weather, the natural. Sarcastic, impatient and intolerant, he lives to see the planet, nature, healthy.
Known Adjutants : (to add)
Affected Vocations : Lord, Hunter, Priest(Survivalist), Crusader(Harmonious).


Description : Goddess of Deceit, Deception and Death.
Abilities : To be an invisible phantom, utter stealth. To instinctively know the personality, traits and dreams and goals and desires, of anyone she wishes.
Goal : To be proven rational living beings, aren’t driven by their desires through the ever-present, ever-powerful ego.
Personality : Enticing, mysterious but not quiet at all. She talks a lot, playing with the hearts and minds of whoever she communicates with. She teases them, pokes at them, metaphorically speaking, and always watches, uncomfortably.
Known Adjutants : (to add)
Affected Vocations : Rogue, Occultist, Esper, Mimic, Priest(Phantom), Crusader(Condemned).


Description : The Life Tree, which grows near the center of the continent Yenha.   There are also a number of Great-trees (smaller versions of Turia) spread across the world.  Turia will occasionally appear as a great shimmering angel in the sky.
Abilities : Limitless ability to shape-shift, influence animals, and heal wounds.
Goal : Preserve life. Those that defend the notion that life is sacred, despite everyone knowing where the souls end up, use as one of their arguments the fact that Turia does have a grave concern for the life of anything living.
Personality : Motherly. Overly concerned, ever forgiving. She sees everyone in pain as an equal, which is to say, as someone in need of assistance.
Known Adjutants : (to add)
Affected Vocations : Druid, Priest(Tender), Crusader(Nurterous).


Description : God of Destruction, War, Lava.
Abilities : Limitless strength and power, and control over the element of fire.
Goal : To rise common mortals to legend, to witness a weak and fragile individual surpassing inconsiderate odds, and come out on top. To witness the rise of true warriors. Like Crojua, he is behind conspiracies, behind battles, wars and other belligerent circumstances…but unlike Crojua, his goal is always to see that special warrior stand out, without any supernatural help.
Personality : Belligerent, bold, and cunning. Honourable.
Known Adjutants : A Nikomoje of the North.
Affected Vocations : Warrior, Engineer(Artillery,MetalWorker), Elementalist(Fire), Priest(Mentor), Crusader(Vigorous).


Description : Goddess of happiness, luck, party, love and romance.
Abilities : To influence the moods and emotions of others. To know how people feel, and what they need to feel otherwise. A song? A dance? A romance? And how she has to be to oblige, not that she will, but she has knows.
Goal : To see everyone happy, glad and jolly!
Personality : Fun-loving and irresponsible. A true entertainer of Haekei’s creations.
Known Adjutants : Many.
Affected Vocations : Performer, Cook, Gamester, Priest(Sensualist), Crusader(Vivacious).