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Draluix(Left) and a Draluix-Haeomon crossbreed(Right)
Average Height:1.6-2.2m
Average Weight:58-70kg

The Draluix are a humanoid species that live on the planet Ilem. Stereotypically known as a devout, pious and self righteous species which favors with it's faith more than good morality itself, but however like the other humanoid species the personality and looks of a Draluix vary from Draluix to Draluix. They are known to inhabit three main areas Jaiht A Xua, Aeorien and Turiemvaiz Area. Due to the religious nature of the species it is known for some Draluix to venture looking for other mountain top areas to dedicate themselves with the gods at, creating temples and small settlements where-ever they are found.


Draluix are based on the concept of Humanoid Dragons. While wingless despite most dragons being portrayed with either wings or some flying abilities the Draluix can eventually grow use of energy controlled wings. Draluix average height is 1.6 to 2.2m tall with an average weight of 58 to 70 kg. The color of their scaled skin ranges mainly from bright colors so light blues, pinks, reds, oranges, yellows and greens. Draluix have the regular humanoid facial features of a pair of eyes, nose and mouth albeit they has a muzzle for which the nose and mouth is placed upon with the ears ranging from pointing up to the sides or so on, behind the ears it's not uncom to find some kind of horn although not every Draluix may have horns. Draluix also have hair, although it is normally much thinner than regular races with hair. The hair shares the multiple bright colours choices of color that their scaled skin does. They a normal basic humanoid body differing in only that they have tails, their skin is scaled, the amount of fingers they have and their feet. The tail on a Draluix starts off rather large and ends in a short point similar to most lizards, the actual tail differs from Draluix to Draluix, with some forming spikes and so on with others remaining more smooth and bare, the tail of course shares the scaled skin the rest of the body has. Unlike the regular five fingered races, the Draluix only have 3 fingers and 1 thumb on each hand. Their feet similarly only have 4 toes with their feet being built bigger than a normal humanoids feet. The nails on both feet and hands on a Draluix are built more sharply more like claws than regular humanoid nails.


The Draluix originate from the mountainous area which the nation Aeolei(The Sky is Adored) current stands, it is considered the highest reaches of the land, discounting non-inhabited areas. They slowly evolved with what materials they had on the peaks and cliff sides. That being the stone and whatever metals lay beneath it. Rather than advancing further than their metal tools they practised the arts of enchanting to power their tools. It is believed they first learned the magical and miraculous arts when a few lone Draluix where climbing to the highest spot of the land they could find. Upon nearing the peak tired, hungry and restless they found Aeolos, once returning from the highest peaks the group of Draluix expeditions brought back the secrets to performing these arts as well as a stone carving of the supreme being that they had met. They had alos card the name, Aeolos which forever will be worshipped by them.


But before that, they grew too many for Aeolei, and through a certain series of events, parted ways. Dignified leaders founded the sister Kingdoms of Aeoixia (Serene as the Sky) and Aeova (Belonging from the Sky), daughter kingdoms to Aeolei. Aeoixia and Aeolei kept to themselves, mostly.

Read more about the theocratic capital Aeolei and the founding of Draluix culture on the Aeolei page.


After a long time, Aeoixia encountered Turiemvaiz. They followed them back to their lands, and then explored some more, discovering the Nikomoje of the West. They found them to be disturbingly primitive, and so felt compelled to take some back home, to teach the children about an inferior living being, to teach how their inferiority derives, and is very much defined by their godless instinct-full nature. They often did this, as the Nikomoje, in their land, did not last much. Not much to report, towards both kingdoms, other than that.

Read more about Aeoixia one of the two split of theocratic kingdoms on the Aeoixia page.


The real multitude of historic events happen in Aeova. As it is one of the Three Kingdoms. In fact, the first time they encountered the Daemons, they were not the least bit amicable. They reacted to them plainly aggressively, as the Daemon beliefs were practically opposite to those of the Draluix. And the Daemon themselves, arrived on an already tired and irritable disposition. The result…was war. The Draluix did not fear the many tribes of Daemon, and wished to exterminate them. On the other hand, the Daemon were not the least bit afraid, nor amused at their arrogance. They fought. The Daemon banded together under one banner, forming the kingdom of Raium. And for ages on end, they fought a war that would never again be forgotten.

After considerable time, the Haeomon joined the fray, forming Haeofi. But with them added to the mix, and with ages of war already spent, both the Draluix and Daemon just didn’t have the heart anymore. Haeofi, itself, was few in numbers and backed into a corner, as the newcomer. It was fairly simple to arrange for a truce, which would last to this day (when the game starts). Other than this, there is just the account of meeting the Tux, liking the religiously good-natured fellows, and forming a trade alliance with them. This political stance only affected Aeova, though, and not the other Draluix kingdoms.

Read more about Aeova one of the two split of theocratic kingdoms on the Aeova page.


The Draluix as a whole consider themselves to be a very honourable, dedicated and religious people. Due to this, it's common to find many magicians and priests with the most powerful considered to be at the top of society. Even then they normally aspire to the greatness of ascendancy, as well as greatly revere those that have achieved it, those that bear the aether wings, those…that can take to the sky, and fly. Alas, thanks to the fact they are a vastly old and studious race, it is easy for them to look down upon other beings. Even caging and enslaving others and sometimes the most looked down upon portion of themselves. When it comes to religion they treat Aeolos as the one true deity believing other deities as unable to even compare, to one who rules the skies so freely. All three monarchies of the Draluix are considered to be Theocratic Monarchies. Believing that their monarch is a being close to their god Aeolos. Which by treating their monarch with respect they are treating Aeolos with respect.




Neighbouring Races


Aether Flight
Using the power of aether energy joined with the force of air the Draluix are able to form wings to carry themselves across the skies.
Range: Self
Type: Stance
Requires: None
Element: Aether, Air
Affiliation: Aeolos