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Daemon-Nikomoje crossbreed(Left) and a Daemon(Right)
Average Height:1.5-1.9m
Average Weight:54-65kg

The Daemon (daemon) are a humanoid species that live on the planet Ilem. Stereotypically known as a more aggressive race that you'd want to avoid, but however like the other humanoid species the personality and looks of a Daemon vary from Daemon to Daemon. They are known to inhabit three main areas Jaiht A Xua, Xewer and Tux Venorii.


Daemon are based on "Demons", particularly humanoid ones.
Daemon average height is 1.5 to 1.9 m tall with an average weight of 55 to 65 kg. Their skin colors range mainly from greys, purples, reds, oranges and browns. However Daemon who live in a rather cold climate such as found at Tux Venorii, develop a blue tint over their natural colour.
Daemon have the regular humanoid facial features of a pair of eyes, nose and mouth. Their eyes are rather weak and sensitive to light compared to other races beating only the Troirkah in eyesight They have hair which can range from colour shades of brown, black, dark reds and purples. They also have horns which normally share the shade of their skin, albeit a darker shade with lower saturation.
They a normal basic humanoid body differing in only that they have tails and small wings. The tail on a Daemon is normally pointed at the end and has the same color as the rest of their skin. However their wings which range from 1 and a half of their body width and lower from left wing to right, normally they have a color that is a shade in between the skin and horn's colour.


They originate from the cave system beneath the Xewerian mountains which in legend the Daemon are said to have created. They lived there as numerous tribes, in mostly darkness, with the only light sources being lava a small holes leading to the outside. They had lived and adapted to this environment for a long while.
Due to problems with the central structure and the doings of the center tribes. The whole cave structure just gave in and threatened to crush them. In their hurry to flee the catastrophe, and lack of consensus, they parted three ways based on the quickest ways to the outside. Nearly all occupants of the central and lower tribes were crushed.
One way up north, one topside to climbing the cave and mountain, and the other west. While many of the Daemon had grouped together in leaving the same nearby exists, they remained mostly to their tribes. With nearly only members of mostly extinct tribes attempting to join others.


The Daemon which had journeyed northwards well welcomed to the outside with snow and the cold. While the Daemon were used enough to cold, the wet snow gained with the coldness here worked against them. As like all Daemon who ventured the amount of light started to blind Daemon at first, but they gradually got used to it, just like how they slowly got used to the new climate. While some of the tribes settled in leftover tunnels and the mountainsides the rest went outwards with the hope of getting to a better piece of land, aiming to get away from the carnage as well as all the other possibly hostile tribes.
The first few years living in this new climate didn't help the Daemon, being unable to grow plants from the caves in the snow and unfit for hunting in the snow and from this the only animals they had to farm dieing they began to starve. The tribes from the beginning had thought for themselves than as the northern Daemon as a whole, so they didn't support eachover. Tribes which had settled near eachover also began to attack eachover for food and supplies.
The Tux from scouting south of their established Tux Venorii had noticed the Daemon beginning to settle just south of them, with some exploring more north. The Tux were at first wary of this new species in the area as well as the strange looks of the Daemon. However the Tux sticked to their beliefs and made contact with the Daemon offering food and support. The Daemon however was also wary of this weird new species and at first stuck to their roots and were hostile. Most tribes attacked and stole from the envoys. With only a couple of the smallest tribes accepting the strangers. But because of this, the Tux had decided not to give up hope.
The Tux began to work with the Daemon tribes, slowly converting or fighting back. With some of the tribes going northwards to attack the Tux they couldn't hold back. The Tux used their skills and knowledge of the area to easily defeat the weakened attackers. One by one they essentially conquered the Daemon without being on the offensive, using only defense and kindness. With nearly all tribes having joined the Tux or had succumbed to starvation and the weather.
From this show of strength and kindness the Daemon tribes' hearts had been won over. Working with the Tux they began to unite, despite the process being slow at first. Many of the tribes while friendly with the Tux were still bound to be hostile with the other Daemon Tribes. The Tux showed the Daemon how to survive in the climate, how to fish and hunt as well as better ways to build shelter in the outside world.
In the couple of years of working with the Tux, they had learnt how to survive and were merged into a confederation turning tribal leaders into settlement leaders. They called this confederation Rawavhab and became apart of the Tux Venorii itself. The years of living in this climate had strangely added a blue tint to the skin colours of the Daemon who lived here. But than just giving them that, working with the Tux had made them into more kind-hearted souls, who base themselves on acting like the Tux who helped them survive the new climate. The Tux and Daemon now co-exist in the Rawavhab region of Tux Venorii Harmoniously working together.

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The Daemon which ventured upwards to the mountainsides and peaks of the Xewerian mountains had to try and survive the harsh conditions of the barren mountains. Normal resources were scarce and there was an abundance of tough creatures which developed to survive such harsh conditions. Like all Daemon tribes who ventured outwards the abundance of light blinded them hurting their eyes until they got used to it. The tribes scattered amongst the different peak-sides with some living in the remnant tunnels of the cave system, keeping mostly to themselves with exceptions of the rare alliances to battle the toughened creatures with joint hunting parties and possible tribal wars.
As the years past, they had adapted to the mountainous tribal life, not advancing much in technology or culture but being able to survive and finally progress. Some tribes had fallen due to being unable to adapt or being destroyed by others. Some others had moved further out from the central area, possibly looking for less mountainous terrain or getting away from the other possibly hostile tribes.
However fifty years from the tunnel collapse Haeomon regiments started to venture forth onto to the mountainsides trying to escape from "monsters" of the south. They were mostly disinterested in the Daemon, trying to pass by them at any cost to get past the Xewerian mountains being hostile and killing Daemon when encountered, unfortunately for them the mountainous region spread far, they were forced to settle on the mountains. Because of the Daemon tribes had spread out and expanded, there wasn't areas the Haeomon could live in safely without Daemon tribes occupying the area or nearby. Because of this the Haeomon settlers and Daemon tribes fought for control of the different peaks and areas. The Haeomon had seemed and acted just as vicious as the Daemon due to fleeing for their own lives.
Years went by as tribes and the settlers fought over areas just to find an area to survive with. tribes and groups of Settlers fell, some even began joining together, working with Daemon or Haeomon or even the other species just to stay alive. Because of the interspecies tribes that began to form, hybrids also started to be born. Despite the new relations with eachover, they stayed to their groups and fought over land and resources still. While not fighting they were slowly expanding, thanks to the built numbers of the newer tribes they kept multiplying in population just to become more powerful than the others. But population wasn't the only thing to multiply.
As the tribes expanded they also advanced in technology due to the built efforts of both Haeomon and Daemon. Being pressured to advance and find ways to fix problems due to the terrain and constant warfare. They progressed politically and culturally as well, progressing from being more than just tribes to small nations. They tamed and worked with the beasts of the land, worked ways to use the terrain to their advantage.
Technology starting spreading from nation to nation, being stolen, made or some nations even battle over the newest technologies. Nations merged and were conquered, developing all over the mountainous region with only a few groups of nomads, tribes and basic settlers left. Technology progressed from basic tools on the dark mountains to a Steampunk desire. Haramon, robotic humanoids began to be developed using the technology they had made with magic traditions to power them. Zeppelin ballon transports began to fill the skys as transport and factories started to be developed causing smoke to start to fill the sky.
With all this technology some small groups in a few nations had decided to work on their tradition and progress their skills than their technology. Martial arts were developed at their temples using ability with technology together. This is the edge which gave on nation, the nation of Xewer the power it needed to exceed the others. In the conquest of the mountains campaign the nation of Xewer began to conquer the other nations, eventually uniting all the nations under one banner, the beautiful banner of the Empire of Xewer where intelligence reigns supreme, the combined intelligence of ability and technology.
The eternal mountaintop struggle for survival had ended, with only a few neutral tribes, small nations and groups left around the region. Xewer had became an empire and continued to expand, settling north and south east of the mountainous region which takes it's name from the Empire.

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The Daemon tribes which traveled to the west walked miles on miles to encounter a very proud and self righteous race called the Draluix. Which had occupied the now called Jaiht A Xua region. The Draluix, Arrogant in both their faith and their history were not very welcoming to the Daemon on first contact, insulting their different looks, their culture and where they had come from. Seeing as how the Daemon came from an underground cave system and how the Draluix believe being higher to the skies were to be closer to the gods they saw the Daemon as an unholy godless species which they disliked the idea of.
The Daemon tribes had been disgruntled with their new location alone, with the light firstly blinding them and while the temperate climate wasn't hard for them to adapt to they had to built shelters to protect from the rain and other weather which was new to them. The tribes scattered around the mountain-sides and plains near to the collapsed tunnel system. Some tribes even remained in the remains of the tunnel system treating them as caves, expanding outwards once they ran out of room.
The Draluix who were united a single species kept goading the different tribes of Daemon to war. The Daemon being disgruntled and a generally aggressive species were happy to oblige the the Draluix taunts. The tribes' attacks against the Draluix only confirmed their opinion on the Daemon even further. The Draluix now finally fought the Daemon tribes, in what they called and believed was the greater good to exterminate unholy species from their next possible settling areas.
The tribes were unable to score victories against the Draluix nation of Aeova. The Daemon while hostile between tribes instinctively knew they had to battle for their lifes and do anything to gain victory. Thus a couple of tribes began to unite the tribes. Contacting all known tribes persuading them to fight against the Draluix menace. Most of the tribes had agreed to join eachover due to the known threat of attack from any possible side, they had to work together to survive.
They named the new nation Raium, meaning Thunder so they can shudder the land and beat back the self-righteous swine. To show their allegiance to the new kingdom the Daemon pierce a sphere to the tip of their tails.
They fought for years on end, seeming to never cease for the cause of peace, stricken by hate for eachover. This never ending war had been scouted by a few Haeomon adventurers but despite reports of two monstrous looking races in a bloody never ending war, the Haeomon settlers and regiments came north fleeing from "monsters" of the south. The Haeomon struck straight through villages of Raium occupying the way between where the Haeomon seemed to be heading. The Haeomon in their frightened state downright exterminated these villages. Raium had to act and began to hunt down the Haeomon. However the Haeomon achieved their scouted location and began building the coastal nation of Haeofi. Luckily for Haeofi, Aeova and Raium were rendered weak, demoralized and tired from their never ending war thus allowing them to succeed. Haeofi had just been founded however and there were not interested in a war with two other nations, using this initiative and the circumstances. Haeofi was able to achieve a truce which while didn't last forever, allowed Raium to recuperate from a dawning loss.
Raium was lucky from the chance give by Haeofi to survive but Raium didn't see it that way, holding contempt with Haeofi and Haeomon in general for interrupting their needed war with the Draluix. Raium planned and prepared supplies for next war, knowing or at least wishing it would come. And wars did come, in the next war against the other two kingdoms, Raium primarily attacked Haeofi hoping to eliminate them being exterminating Aeova. But due to Aeova's efforts and cunning plans, Raium wouldn't be able to achieve this. Then a cycle of truces, rebuilding then war began.
It believed this cycle would never end in Jaiht A Xua except until when three rulers who were fed up with the constant war nearly driving them all to destruction decided to open their borders and allow villages to found independence and join other nations was included in their peace treaty. With hopes that neither of the other nations would be able to attack with people sharing bonds between the whole region. This plan had worked for some time, but you would never be able to take away each of the kingdom's views of eachover. While in peace they started to attack and secretly sabotage eachover, trying to not cause war but still continuing the war effort.
This "peace" lasted for some time between Jaiht A Xua, until a certain priest began to have visions from the gods telling him to act. This priest then spread word amongst Raium with his fellow priests of the nearby temples. He gained an audience with the then current king of Raium, suggest to go to war. The King rathered this "peace" and laughed as the priest was thrown out. The priest started his vendetta against the King, heralding to every village about the blasphemous ruler. The priest gained enough support and a rebellion began.
Within a year, this rebellion has conquered Raium and executed the "horrid" Ruler. To act as a conduit for the Gods, the priest took place as monarch of Raium. With his orders he began to attack freely, causing the Aeovan-Haeofi Crusade against and the eventually downfall of Raium.

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